Help and Feedback

Getting Help

If you have a question and it is not answered in the FAQs, take a look at the issues page on Diogenes' Github site. If the matter is not addressed in one of the existing discussions there, you can open a new issue (this requires creating a Github account, which is easy).

Otherwise, emails can be sent to

Suggestions for further improvements and bug reports are always welcome. If sending a bug report, please state the name and version of your operating system, the version of Diogenes you are using (which is shown in the footer of the application), and what exactly is the nature of the error or unexpected output.

Feedback from Users

If you find Diogenes useful, the best way to encourage its continued development is to provide feedback on how you use it.

If are a student, a schoolteacher or a member of the general public who uses Diogenes, or if you are a university teacher who uses it in your undergraduate teaching, you can help to support its continuing development by sending a quick message describing the benefits it has brought to you to: