Installation Instructions

Double-click the zip archive to open it and then move the Diogenes application to your Applications folder.
Just double-click on the installer and answer the questions as prompted.
Follow your distribution's usual practice for installing third-party packages.

An Untrusted Application?

Mac and Windows computers will probably complain that Diogenes is an unknown or unidentified application which has been downloaded from the Internet. This simply means that I have not paid an annual fee to Apple and Microsoft to be deemed trustworthy.

On Windows: When starting the installer you may be asked to confirm that you want to run an application from an unknown publisher.

On a Mac: The first time you run Diogenes, you will probably have to open it in a special way. Look for the Diogenes application in the Finder, and then right-click or control-click on the icon, and choose "Open" from the menu. You will then have to confirm that you want to trust Diogenes. Thereafter, you should be able to run Diogenes as normal, for example from the Launchpad or Dock.

If that does not work, it's probably because you have a setting on that prevents it. To change that, go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General. Make sure that under “Allow apps downloaded from”, you have the option “App store and identified developers” ticked. You may need to click on the padlock icon to change this. Then try the steps in the previous paragraph again.

Location of Databases

On Windows, you may have to put the databases in a folder without any accented or non-Latin characters in the name in order for Diogenes to find them. For further details, see the FAQs.